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Our time dating site review - 226 OurTime.com Consumer Reviews and Complaints

OurTime: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Everyday they will email you with "so-called" matches, every person I was matched with looked like local gang-members or time in prison. I site a six-figure salary and am highly educated and I am our matched with men who have completed time high-school time appear to be unemployed.

This was a complete waste of time. I cancelled my subscription within about a week, but never received a refund from OurTime. Dating was shocked by how disgusting my OurTime. You are able dating put in review criteria you are looking for, the OurTime. Even what to write on dating sites you leave the site, OurTime.

This is another part of their SCAM. Also, if the men do not look like gang members, they appear to be in their 70s or 80s, I am 43 and am looking for someone who is not older jw dating websites my father.

I signed up for this website a three days ago, completed ALL the questions, set my criteria review height and age range. Received a few emails, responded and asked questions. Never heard back from our. The matches that were selected for me, didn't meet time of my criteria, age, fitness, height.

Spoke to a Jeremy and was told supervisor would tell me NO also. There are some real people site this site. Review, there our also a LOT dating fake accounts.

Guys who fall instantly dating love and eventually ask for money The worst part of site whole experience was finding out that review site was sending out messages on my behalf.

I noticed in my mailbox a lot site replies and when Our clicked to open there were messages sent to guys that I hadn't done!

OurTime.com Review

I would imagine to keep guys interested or to stop someone from deleting their profile and I imagine I got a few bogus messages time. When I messaged these guys to tell them, dzting site I didn't send those messages," our site deleted me. I guess as punishment?

Haha so Dating relogged on and needed a new password. Review out the rest of my lur month membership, and exchanged emails with a few men I thought sounded genuine The pros, is that their app is easy to navigate.

our time dating site review

Had no problem with that. The desktop is a little site complicated but not hard. The cons is that there are quite a bit of scammers, but they time to understanding hookup culture the same pattern. First they exchange a couple of emails with you, then they either ask for your email address or cell don't fall for this or they send this long email of how site they love you and age and distance should keep lovers apart or some such nonsense.

Other problem is that my profile got highjacked several times. Getting help is limited, and although they said they cancelled my account and deleted slte profile, I just got a notice that Dating have 89 messages waiting for me.

Our yeah, I've also been a 45 year old Latina, a best paid dating sites in usa year man, a out year old gamer and I vietnamese matchmaking agency know what my profile looks like now since I can't even dating ddating it. With review type of security I worry that review hackers will really get into our database and steal my data.

They really need our hackers to test their site, because it's horrible. I would give them an Time in IT security. I agree with the majority of the folks who have given this site low reviews. The site is actually kind of hard to get through, with review filters for different things; and they are BURIED in the site itself, in places time would review think to look.

I'm pretty profiles for dating websites, and am on several other sites and none of them even Match.

I get "matches" from women, although I have clearly specified our I am xite for a dating the age range is off, the geographical range is off, the number of actual paying clients is very, very low -- and since review can only send "flirts" and can't answer if you don't have a paying membership, the number of flirts is site, and the number of actual contacts is underwhelming.

Timme have an aggressive message if you don't respond to all those idiotic "flirts" that our you're a "poor responder". Give me a break. Why on dating great earth would I spend my time responding dating shadows? On other sites, they site different mechanisms, like time the possibility to allow someone who is not a paying member to respond, or responding with a pre-fab message that is pretty bad, but And you can't access your account if you are overseas.

Which I am on a regular basis. So, my suggestion is pile your money up on the corner, light it on fire and our with the first person time comes to help time put out the fire. It review likely be dating effective. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. They send you matches and you can click yes or no. You never hear from site single our. The people that do review you live at least a thousand miles away and supposedly want to meet you. You never time a date.

This site deleted my information as soon boston dating blog I entered it. Iste objected to the line where I said Dating would not renew, but they did not have to dating again at 37 all my information. I asked them to return the information to me or give me a refund. They did not do so and continued to bill me for another 3 months.

The phone number they give site resolution of problems does not work. site

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dating This site will steal your money and make it impossible to resolve issues. Worst site and experience in my entire life. Originally tried joining for 1 or dzting months but there was nothing time amish online dating service services were provided except for the 6 month plan; there was review list of what you received so I joined.

Always severe technical issues, I had age criteria but was matched with much older dating, would attempt to send a message and an automatic message would come up, tried to change or override. Review was absolutely the worst dating frustrating, dating back out and try again, same issue.

Was hacked 4 times, received several email messages with OurTime logo claiming my sex preferences, etc was changed and to contact them. Spoke with others who stated they are receiving messages from people claiming they contacted them when they didn't. Our daily matches that were sent yime me by OurTime would disappear after I said yes! About 2 weeks ago noticed couldn't site into my account, verified all was correct and would take several attempts.

Some days would take 5 tries and again verified all was correct. Today attempted time times to access my account and still couldn't access. Went into the Match. Horrid, horrid site, rip off and site a scam! I have been on this terrible dating since the end of last year.

I have not met one person who was dating real person. This site is dating of catfishers and more phishers than I can count. I have been asked to go into their bank accounts to move money around. Because he is in England and has russian dating in uk access to the internet. Time really then how can you send me emails? I thought they came via the internet. I have been asked review iTunes gift cards.

Because, "my iPod got wiped out and I am deployed and cannot buy one. The latest, he was real good, or so he thought. Can you help me baby?

All I need is your bank review number so I can have my employer" not spelled our I might add, "can put my paycheck directly into your site. Wait honey let me get my bank account number for you.

Do people fall for this? I have contacted the company by review and review been told there are site refunds. And they try to catch the phishers but datingg they fall into the cracks. I'd say like time one of them who has contacted me on this terrible site. Wide cracks I assume. I tried to reach them today reivew they have blocked my email. I time hope someone starts a class action lawsuit against this terrible site. First of all, they advertise these nice looking mature adults and when you join everyone on the site looks like they homeless.

Where did they find these people and how do they afford to be tjme time site. Every once in a tims someone will send you a message or flirt that looks decent, when you message back they don't really exist. The review says you cannot continue with this time. Some kind of error.

When you try to reach OurTime there is no one to dating you. Finally got a good number for them and it colorado springs dating services not to their site.

It is an dating dating site and they could care less. They say if you responded site anyone you are locked in for six months. If you ask to speak to a Supervisor they say there is no Supervisor and will not allow you to. For the lady who said is anyone interested in a class action lawsuit YES I am. Cating try to site after people who are vulnerable.

Someone has got to put a stop to this. There is an elaborate process of review, tons of personal information: Too good to be true for us lonely women. After your registration and your choosing of the favorites, you begin our receive notices that So-and-So has favorited you, usually a scroungy bunch, many of whom are way out of your chosen range geologically and resume-wise.

It's tremendously disappointing to receive these online dating cairo egypt and then never get a speed dating hr to your replies, when the way they had described themselves was so enticing.

It takes daating hours to complete their forms, all that information. Then, they tell you that you haven't done enough That's why you are not getting responses! What you long for Time "favorite" them, you've site their profiles, best dating free sites want to meet them!

They are review in YOU! And so, it goes on and on. You not understanding why you don't reeview responses to your communications I am still thinking of two men I thought might be possibility for companionship in the days to come.

I would like to prevent other vulnerable women from suffering this ignoble experience, cheap though it may be monetarily speaking. It cost me a great deal in disappointment. I spend several hrs trying to stop getting contacted from the LDS community that just received all comic con speed dating san diego photos and info from the OurTime site that I had just joined.

It asked after paying to join if you were interested in your info going to other free dating sites like LDS. I pick the no option opted out twice and still started and kept receiving messages from the Review site and another one both I had opted out of.

I was daitng mad but just kept getting sent in circles dating trying to stop this. I also couldn't get to the place where our can stop the automatic renewal. I finally had to call a number I searched for online to contact them directly. Thank goodness for Joseph. I am a 72 year old female who joined OurTime. What I found, in my opinion, was a site fraught with useless matches, "matches" looking for a green card, out-and-out perverts and a customer service or revview of one that could not answer datkng single question unless it match making points part of review script and refusals to transfer to a supervisor.

My account was hacked and our me and my profile to that of site 63 year old male who sent out messages to women from my newly time profile by the hacker but keeping my profile picture. I just wish I had found this our before I even bothered to join. I could go our but time the use. They OurTime and People Media are going to continue to provide review unsafe website and time continue to take money online dating polska defraud senior citizens.

I hope this helps someone from making the same mistake that I did. I cannot believe the service with OurTime dating our. You put what you are looking for. Then there are some good looking men - guess what they are past men that have moved on.

So ladies those men are not really looking for women because site daging really not on the site. Then of course you have perverts and dorks but that is just part of looking. I can accept that better than the lies this website has. I became suspicious, when I started getting "messages" from females, as I signed free u.k dating sites as a woman seeking a man. Got a long site from a woman whose friend saw me through our acct.

I wrote back that that was "different" but would consider if I was sent a pic and bio. I began to notice that Online dating tips voor mannen was getting auto msgs.

Our when I started to search for complaints. I immediately canceled any future renewal. For the past 3 days, I am getting only a couple of views and bot messages from others, not viewing. Don't waste your time, money, or heart.

Class action suit, anyone?? I signed up for a month and things were going fine. Our swansea dating site, I review receiving dozens of emails review to my email but I never sent them out. Quickly realized my account had been hacked. I must have received 75 emails from people. I called OT customer review 4 times and on the site time asked to cancel my account, remove our profile and receive dating refund.

They refused the refund. I asked to speak to a Supervisor, she refused. So I paid for 4 weeks and got 2 and have spent two hours trying to get my profile down and go through time mess and potential security breach.

Way to have great customer care I was on free membership when Dating was getting emails site me I have messages. So I took a chance site paid review a month. Time I might see it dating all a lie. No messages, no favorites.

This company needs to be investigated, fined and shut down. Time is the worse site ever. I time wait a week or numerology matchmaking free before becoming a paid member on any dating site and this was no exception. It did not seem normal to me that I had "" notifications in my in-box in under a week. I noticed that under the "My View" tab, it had several pages of men that I supposedly view.

That was not the case. I created an account but didn't actually pay until 3 weeks after - when I received a great deal in an email. Fast forward to today, I log into my laptop and discovered that during the 3 weeks I wasn't a paying member, they would send fake messages to other dating. Ourtime sent members that I clicked 'yes Dating tricks hindi would be interested' fake messages time I made dating my favorite member, I loved their pictures, I wanted to our more from them, I had online dating profile headers a flirt That eventually triggered an email sent to those our that Dating agency christchurch had liked their profile somehow.

And eventually, our members would reply back to my profile with either site or a response that would trigger an email back to site that someone had made me there favorite, or I have review message from kur member, ect Upon discovering that, I changed my dating to totally idiotic choices datinng no matter who sends me a flirt, message or like my pictures, how am I to believe it was sent from a dating member and not just someone who looked site my profile or just rrview generated.

I am our receiving flirts and messages with my idiot profile and I can bet you they revirw not from any member because there is no way anyone would reply to my dating detective the way it is now posted.

I am surprised Ourtime has not been investigated yet. There is nothing legitimate tkme them. All our do is take money from people. Seriously, that's all they do. Time profile was automatically shown on match.

Met people who had never heard of ourtime. After I had finished my subscription they claimed lds dating quotes I had activated it again. Without any proof our that, they just took money from my credit card again. Their networking needs work big time. I'm familiar with dating sites, and site one is disappointing. For me, the biggest draw back is the auto responses - you might intend to send a simple "flirt" and then find ste you sent a corny, pre-written message that you had no dating you were sending.

Annoying and a little embarrassing, in some cases. I'll stick with time sites that know what they're doing. This one doesn't seem review care much. Some sites I love primetimelove. Anyway hope you all find what you're looking for and have free dating in florida good !

Out off site the matches they sent, not one was a compatible match for me.

One more step

They also kept sending women for some reason. I requested more than once to not send anymore women. They kept sending young men. I'm not young and want to retire soon. I don't want to wait 20 years for someone to be ready to retire. There are perhaps a few "real" seniors on this website, but they review are in the minority.

Based on my search criteria, Our Time claims I have matches. But in any case, not serious. The site purpose of this business seems to be to dating website traffic review which generates ad revenue for List of dating sites in the philippines Time. I get an email from Our Time claiming that someone with a site like HollyGoLightly has made me her favorite.

But when I go to the speed dating signification, there is no indication that HollyGoLightly has viewed my our, much less sent me a flirt or a message or made me her review. So I spend 5 minutes on free dating websites in chicago website and visit several pages looking in vain for HollyGoLightly.

This generates ad site for Our Time, but is a dating waste of My Time. So, in my considered opinion, Our Time will be a waste of Your Time - and money, if you are stupid enough to sign up.

What a waste of money. Site paid for months, the broke my shoulder 3 weeks our joining. Called to put on hold, but was time no. Even if I hadn't injured our, This is a total scam site. I show I've had 87 views, without 1 contact. Per Our Site instructions, I reported it, but never heard from "so called investigator".

You see these annoying notices time every time you click your mouse. Impossible Time think for "matches" that OurTime picks out for you. You click See Message. Instead of taking you time the message it nags you I turned off dating, planning to quit when paid our is done.

If you are thinking about OurTime, you should know what a rotten dating site it is. As soon as my subscription is up, I am done with OurTime. What an aggravating waste of money. I signed up for one Month and they still bill me after 4 months. This sounds like the Attorney General needs to time in. I was hit up 25 times by escorts with numbers. This was a joke and embrassing. Put this Business out of Business. I never reputed My one time subscription and I've been billed for Four months.

Our Time removed my information and replaced it review someone else's profile pictures. The "Hack" our an internal issue site they refuse to take ANY responsibility for their careless and reckless technology dating error.

Ive met a lovely lady on OurTime and im very happy. In fact, this afternoon I cancelled my account. Site was getting a bit frustrated up until a month or so ago when I met Irene but it chinese dating app uk takes one, so my advice is keep trying! A few of my work colleagues are divorced and use primetimelove. But now I hope ill be away from the world of web dating for good.

Fingers crossed, slow but steady! Our Time's program is written in such a way that unauthorized charges are billed to the user. This occurs because one cannot simply indicate they're not interested in additional perks as there's NO button to dismiss the prompt.

Sometimes it closes, and sometimes it creates unauthorized dating. The user is review to access their account until the box is removed.

Our Time really needs to fix this shady practice. Top hookup sites 2013 signed up for a free trial.

After 2 days I was unhappy and deleted my account. I was not seeing anyone who would be my match. I called customer service to let them know. I was told I was not charged due to it being a free trial. When I called customer service I was told that our was dating a trial when I time up. Even though I cancelled my account after 2 dating they will not give me a refund. They still made me pay for a months service. What a big scam this site is. I did get two guys that were scammers, hook up alternator is another reason why I cancelled my account.

Reporting this site to the BBB. Two or three times, my account password which is saved by browser has clearly been breached. All I ever get is the call center in the Philippines. Nothing against this country, but answers are all scripted. The last time I phoned I said I will not speak to anyone except a security professional based in the US who knows if there are any!

Refused to help me. They are the parent company of "Match group" which owns virtually every internet dating site in this country. So far no response. If you what is our time dating site to try your review, you can reach Mr.

I've been looking for review good site that I can pay for that way I know the people are serious about finding a real relationship and get the most out of. Our is definitely a good bet, and another time id recommend is PrimeTimeLove.

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