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19th century erotic art

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This article contains graphic drawings that may not be suitable for work environments. He was born in Boulogne sur Seine, France, in He worked as an illustrator in Brussels and Paris, drawing artworks to accompany poems by Paul Verlaine, a novel by H.

Wells, and French century of Sherlock Holmes stories.

This Is What Erotica Looked Like In The 19th Century (NSFW)

He married and had no children. He passed away at The explicit drawings range from 19th sexual to graphically bizarre, art religious symbols interwoven with surrealist visions like penis-geese and horny skeletons.

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What was your initial impression of it? The past couple decades, his prints have been included in a lot of anthologies of erotic art, so I was familiar with his style from reproductions. But I took a closer look after purchasing some original prints erotic five years ago. Many of them were hand-colored and even over a century later mena suvari nude scene really vibrant and rich tones.