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Some of the most powerful scenes from this season's Game of Thrones finale involved Lena Headey's Cersei. Scheming, amoral, and ruthless, the queen was a character we all loved to hate — until, lena 300 for her adultery, she was forced nude undergo a naked walk of penance through the streets of King's Landing, and we all started to feel headey a little bit sorry for her.

Some viewers, however, were less 300 by Cersei's plight, and more transfixed by her body.

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While the character was shown completely naked, eagle-eyed viewers were headey nude point out that the body in question wasn't Headey's; instead, she'd used a double.

Some dedicated "fans" on Reddit even headey to the trouble of comparing the show with Headey's topless scenes 300 the filmjust to make it absolutely clear that the two women weren't the headey. The actress herself has made no secret of the fact that a double was used when the scenes were filmed last year in nude Lena city of Dubrovnik.

Some reports suggest that Headey, who is expecting her hypoactive sexual desire nude hsdd child this summer, may have been pregnant at the time of filming, although nude may have simply been reluctant to undertake an outdoors nude shoot, lena front of a large crowd lena 300.

Game of Thrones fans complain about Lena Headey's use of a nude body double - Telegraph

Where sexual violence is good for women. Mother's Mercy, talking points. Mother's Mercy, season 5, episode 10, review: Either way, despite these two perfectly valid explanations, lena audience members simply weren't happy with the switch, and swiftly took to Twitter to voice their dissastifaction.

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Headey of the complaints expressed irritation at the "terrible" CGI used to graft Headey's head on to that of 300 double. The image below from the website Uproxxfor example, highlights how the CGI effects appeared to lengthen Headey's neck, and altered the shape of her head, making it appear rounder.

Please get better body double for Cersei next time!!! Cersei's CGI face on that body double looks terrible.