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Asian international journal of science and technology

ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development

Its main aim is to promote and accelerate the discovery and ultimate ASEAN-wide application of scientific and technological international, the consequence of which should be greater prosperity for the people of Southeast Asia. AJSTD covers a wide range of technology-related subjects in the context science ASEAN, including biotechnology, non-conventional energy research, materials science and technology, marine sciences, meteorology and geophysics, food science and technology, microelectronics and information technology, space applications, science and technology policy, and infrastructure and resources development.

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The ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology was established to strengthen and enhance the capability of ASEAN in science and technology so that it can promote economic development and help achieve a high quality journal life for its people. Its terms and reference are:.

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Current Issue Vol 34 No 2 Vol ann coulter slut whore pig No 2 Its terms and reference are: To generate and promote development of scientific and technological expertise and manpower in the ASEAN region; To facilite and accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological development among ASEAN countries and from more advanced regions of the world to the ASEAN technology To provide support and assistance in the development and application of research discoveries felony bdsm technological practices of endogenous origin for the common good, and in the more effective use of natural resources available in the ASEAN region and in general; and To provide scientific and technological support towards the implementation of existing and future ASEAN projects.

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