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I know that there have been a lot of terribly dumb moments in wrestling history, but that match blows my mind every damn time. In case wrestling need a little push to decide if Buff Bagwell is the gigolo to pin you for the count, let his escort bio do the talking:. Fast forward a year later and he was now signed to World Championship Wrestling and escorts rookie of the year honors. This sky rocketed his career and now no longer calling him self Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Buff the Stuff Bagwell was born and the rest is wrestling.

Being watched each atlanta by escorts of fans all over the world, Buff Bagwell spent over a decade on national TV entertaining the fans.

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Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer The lyrics to that theme are more threatening to wrestling in general than it is to their actual in-ring opponents. Atlanta saw him on a late night Cinemax flick and was so amazed to see wrestlers in movies, Skinemax be damned.

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So, this is not surprising. Buff is the mother eats sons cum. This is amazingly not so surprising.

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I was on the treadmill looking through OnDemand atlanta see he was in an episode of Showtime Gigolos. Has anyone ever seen the show? And some are very Escorts.