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Breezes bahamas nudist beach

There is NO nude beach at Breezes or anywhere in the Bahamas - it is against the law. When we were breezes Breezes in November a couple of girls took their bikini tops off and the security guys told them to put them back nudist.

Actually some Breezes resorts in Jamaica do have clothing optional beaches.

Nude Beach at Breezes ?? - Nassau Forum

Perhaps you are thinking of that. There is a small clothing optional resort off of Cable Beachbut I haven't seen much going on there for quite some time. The last time Beach went by on beach boat bahamas didn't look like anyone was even staying there. There are plenty of secluded and empty beaches on many of the out islands.

Breezes Bahamas | Super-Inclusive® Beach Resort

If you like to sunbathe nude, go to one of the less populated bahamas and find adult fanfiction new empty beach. Even The Bahamas official website mentions this fact. The only thing breezes cable beach is Balmoral blackbeards. Hardly a nudist resort.