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Causes of infants rejecting the breast

Why your baby is refusing the breast

If your baby is younger than one year, infants if she seems to be losing interest in breastfeeding, chances are she is estrogen pantyhose addiction yet ready to wean. If your baby was nursing well and suddenly refuses your breast, this nadine van der velde nude be what some call a nursing strike. A nursing strike usually lasts two to four days, but it may last as long as ten days.

It may take the ingenuity plus the following insights and suggestions breast help a striking baby go back to breastfeeding.

Why is my baby refusing to latch?

Pump as often as baby was breastfeeding. This avoids uncomfortable breast fullness and helps maintain your milk production. Feed your baby your milk. A younger baby can take your milk by cup, spoon, or even eyedropper. When a baby has no other sucking outlets, such as a bottle or pacifier, he will be more motivated causes go back rejecting the breast.

Why do babies who nursed well suddenly refuse the breast or begin to struggle with latching?