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Changing tubes in a crate vintage club 20

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Modifications for Crate Vintage Club 20 - The Amp Garage

Feb 7, 1. It has 2 12AX7's and 2 EL 84's.

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It takes pedals decent but a little "fartty" when using the amps gain or tubes natural break up. Any one ever do or know of some good mods for these amps? Feb 8, 2. Feb 8, 3.

Question for Crate Vintage Club Owners

Any amp cab be modded. What do you want out of the amp that you aren't getting, that is capable with that amp? SatelliteAmpsFeb 8, Feb 8, 4.

It gets muddy when the amp is pushed a little, especially with the amps gain channel turned up some into "natural" break up. It would be awesome if i could mod the top nude model sites more like a "marshall" tone and the clean more like a "vox" tone.

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