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Copies her ass

Considering all the other images we could have used Now is ass a good time to photocopy your her and staple it to your boss's face — oh no! A copies juvenile office prank, where copies subject drops his trousers, plants his ass end against the glass of a photocopy machine and presses start.

That old copier still holds a picture of your backside

Don't Try This at Homeass. See "Real Life" bbw weight gain story to find out why.

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Mooning is this her more direct cousin, with the advantage of this trope being that it can be done both in advance and not in range of retaliation by the victim. This Japanese Pocky commercial. But do note that this is a commercial for printing paper.

Cheek Copy

The lady in this version climbs on top of the machine because the paper tray is empty Re-used wholesale for the UK launch of the product, with a locally-relevant box comped in.

A Public Service Announcement by copies group Stand, where a guy photocopies his butt her his pants still on and posts it above an ashtray with the caption "I don't like seeing ass her. This scene from Carrer Builder. He then copies his entire front and rear and photocopies his boss, Daijiro Ohara's face on it.