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Cum on your face

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You missed my eye! He had, in fact, wanted to come on my face. The rise of popularity in facials is often attributed to porn.

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But then, your change in human sexual behaviour that came around the same time as the internet is automatically attributed to porn. Broadly speaking, the moment when fellatio became a central feature of sex was the film Deep Throat, a film which features a woman who had a clitoris in the back of her throat, therefore derives sexual pleasure from giving oral sex.

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The popularity of the facial was face cemented by the AIDS crisis. You can kind of see free sex videos mpeg — semen was suddenly dangerous, something to be afraid of, and with HIV a very different diagnosis back then, people cum scared.

So if ejaculating over someone rather than inside them could keep your safe, it seemed like a great idea. This created some issues in terms of porn production, though.

It’s time to talk about facials – the kind that involve semen

The popularity of this sex face has left me asking the same question I was musing on ten years ago, the first time a man came over my face. Experts seem to share a consensus that part of the appeal of a facial is cum humiliation. What they disagree about is whether that humiliation is a problem.