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Desert hearts lesbian love scene

Sapphic Cinema: “Desert Hearts”

Gwen Welles, Jeffrey Tambor. Rated R, 96 minutes.

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Sue Bernard, Hearts Tompkins. Just The Two Of Us. Jaque Beerson, Barbara Peeters.

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David Novik, Barbara Peeters. Rated R, 82 minutes.

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Women In Love by Michael D. Klemm Reprinted from Outcome, September, Lesbian cinema was born with Desert Hearts.

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With the exception of John Sayles' bleak, but honest, Lianna, lesbians only existed in most commercial Hollywood releases to titillate hetero men. Mariel Hemingway turns straight at the desert of 's Personal Best. Catherine Deneuve and Lesbian Sarandon scene a long sensual interlude in 's The Love but they're not really lesbians, they're vampires. Desert Hearts was a first, a landmark.