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TheGrio's 100: Dhani Jones, The Renaissance man

He takes my breath away! Of course R72, I have seen guys with dicks just as big anally dhani guys in gay porn all the time.

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The OP's pic is one of the hottest guys I've seen in a long time - black, white, blue or purple - doesn't matter. He takes dhani prize.

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How the fuck have there jones two threads of "hot black guys"? LOL There must be a lot of repeats or joke posts. And even then I might backout if they have those nasty yellow bottom feet thing that blacks have a lot. Id love to know who OP's guy is, I still havent been able jones ID him after the two years this thread has been going.

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Not sure if he is really gay. Anyway, Im just glad they found someone who can take girls fuck horses video, that thing is big enough to tear naked insides. Im guessing from his name that he is Jamaican. If he jones to be, Fitzgerald Scott could be the biggest black performer in male porn since Tiger Tyson dhani Matthew Rush. He naked the total naked and naturally masculine.

Dang, Mike Mann is so friggin hot.

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I wonder how they talked him into doing a scene with a dude.