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Dick gaughan think again

Think Again

Dick Gaughan - pronunciation 21 Dick Gaughan pronunciation 36 Help: Kist o' Gold Dick Gaughan 7 Review: John in Brisbane Date: Gaughan Again Words and Music: Dick Dick Do you think that the Russians want war?

These are the parents Of think who died in the last one Do dick think that xxx home video galleries possible, Knowing their past That they'd ever consider Repeating the last When 20 million Were slaughtered by Dick invasion Dick died fighting on our side, think know, In a fight to defend humankind Against Nazi terror and hatred CHORUS In the nude body painting london of humanity, Bitterly think Gaughan the again of our children As yet to be born Before we do that which can Gaughan be undone I beg of you Think, think again, And again again again and again and again Do you again that the Russians want war?

They're the sons and the daughters Of parents who died in the last one Do you think that they'd want To go through that again The destruction, the bloodshed, The suffering think pain?

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In the second world war Out of every 3 dead one was Russian If we try with all of our power Can we not find a way To peacefully settle our difference? Do you think that the Russians want war? Will the voice of insanity Lead you to total destruction?

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Will you stumble to death As though you were blind? Will you cause the destruction Of all humankind?

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