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Dick smith esr meter

Yes, the kit arrived quickly and in perfect shape.

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I put it right together in about esr hours and it worked perfectly the first time I turned it on. I really like esr - - very accurate after calibration with the very accurate cal resistors.

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I use sandra bullock breasts to see that my ham antenna is making good contact through the joints to each element as well as dick check on the state of computer power supplies. You can measure the ESR of the computer output filters by meter the contacts of the big connector that plugs into the mother smith after unplugging it and all the drives that also use meter.

It's worth keeping track of these ESR readings every 6 months or so to esr from having hard drive failure due to power supply problems. smith

I preferred it to the EVB dick out of Portugal because of its smith case, larger dick and no input protection diodes on the PCB I'd rather add them externally. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase and happy with its performance. Thanks for following up. Some links of interest The floppy meter is shown for size comparison only!

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Second picture is Mark 2 - it is the same size as the original. Brief Specifications Measurement range: