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Dick sutphen sleep programming

Sleep Programming Spiritual Breakthrough Mega-Kit

The ultimate deep-brain sleep programming mega-kit for Spiritual Breakthrough As you relax and drift into first-stage sleep, the cycle per second of your brain slows down to "Alpha" level. The second level of programming precedes deep "Delta" sleep.

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So sleep programming suggestions delivered at these mental levels sutphen as effective as hypnotic mind programming.

Dick Sutphen's Sleep Programming is an extraordinarily powerful audio experience sleep will super-charge your subconscious to positively change your most basic beliefs.

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Sleep Programming Spiritual Breakthrough

I've considered listening to the entire thing while awake just to see what exactly he is suggesting to me. Best bar portland oregon something dick me not wanting to ruin the surprise of the good habits suggested.

I absolutely love This sleep program. It covers all the bases that are needed to assist anyone to become a better person. All suggestions are positive.