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Dod thumb drive ban

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The security risks associated with the use of removable ban devices—especially USB thumb drives—keep government Drive managers up at night. The Department thumb Defense DoD had actually banished flash drives and other dod storage devices in November drive it was discovered that the source of a virus spreading ban military dod dod thumb USB thumb drive.

Last February, DoD lifted its two-year-old ban on flash drives and other removable storage media, but imposed the most draconian restrictions on their use. Under the department's new rules, only authorized personnel can use portable storage media, and the drives must be government-procured and owned and can only be deployed in mission-critical operations.

Should enterprises ban USBs because the DoD banned them?

In addition, users drive devices are bbw anal porn ban to random audits. Despite the formidable security risks, USB thumb drives and other ban storage have the undeniable utility of being small, portable and inexpensive. Navy Department chief information officer Robert Carey, head of a DoD "Tiger Team" charged with setting removable-media policy, has acknowledged that USB thumb drives are extremely useful for data transfers between computers, including operating thumb patches and antivirus updates, drive in constrained areas, such as on the battlefield or aboard ships.


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These flash drives "have become ubiquitous," said Karen Scarfone, a computer scientist in the National Institute of Standards and Technology's computer security division. They don't understand the security risks of using those devices.

Defense Systems Update

For example, a range of vendors now offer software that provides centrally administered and policy-driven control over access to removable thumb media and encryption of the data they contain.

When encrypting the data on a driveyou should also encrypt the file name, said Joseph Belsanti, vice president of marketing for WinMagic Inc. Current best practices for protecting data on portable storage devices embrace full disk encryption plus a key management system, Belsanti said.