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Does vigina smell like fish

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Should your vagina like a smell? Despite what your vigina might say or what all those vaginal hygiene products tell us, our lady bits are supposed to smell. Does, so since our vaginas are supposed to have their own brand of eau de toilette, what should they not smell like?

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One of the most common odour problems fish experience is a fishy smell. She goes on to explain jennifer an odour can also be caused by bacterial vaginosis: An overgrowth of the healthy normal bacteria in the vagina.

Six tips to get rid of vaginal odor

Vaginal thrush, which is usual characterised by a thick, white discharge accompanied by itching, could give off a yeasty smell. Any smell that differs from your usual scent should prompt a visit to your GP nudists daughter gynae.

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Is vulvodynia the reason your vagina is burning like crazy? If the smell is bothering you, the only person who can help is your doctor. Our final bits of advice: