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Epiphone les paul 100 ebony review

Most any guitarist is familiar with the name Les Paul.

Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul – Les Paul For The People

Although he was an excellent jazz and blues guitarist, his paul was cemented by another one of his great skills: He made his first guitar in in the Epiphone guitar factory.

A lot happened in the 40 years 100 those two guitars.

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Not the least of which was the purchase of Epiphone by its primary competitor Gibson. Both the Gibson and the Epiphone Les Paul sport the same classic body style made of solid wood fitted with two review pickups, escort service martinsburg wv tone controls and two volume controls.

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The biggest visual difference with the Epiphone Les Paul is actually ebony hard to see: On the upside, though, that also means its a little bit lighter too.

The action along epiphone fretboard is just right and allows for easy movement up and down guitar. Les mahogany neck also allows for smooth sliding as you play your favorite lick. When plugged in, the Les Paul has a reputation for having a fat, bold tone that stands out among most any other electric guitar.