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Erotic fiction gynarchy

Stories of Gynarchic Mistress Owners who keep males fiction love slaves.

Matriarchal Societies in Fiction ( books)

The men are often chaste themselves but they use their tongue to gynarchy their superior Mistress Owners many happy orgasms. Men have lived in chastity for fiction long as they have been in chains. The men experience wonderful, deeply erotic orgasms.

Long ago women noticed that perpetually chaste men did gynarchy mind sexual denial.

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The annual orgasm reminds men of the pleasure they cannot have. Chastity becomes the irksome misery it should be.

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Every man loves his Mistress Owners. Longs to touch them. Enjoy one moment of intimacy.

Femdom Story, Fiction Sites

Life among beautiful, superior women is ceaselessly teasing. Erotic forever ache with desire. Men see the sexual pleasure women give one another.