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We have a tour operator who is insisting that we pay for an escort to be with us at all times. We will escort have local guides at our destination.

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syria We are independent damascus are used to travelling. This is syria applies if you damascus got your free escort visa which is to be arranged by your tour operator escort Syria accompanied with another travel agent from your country. You can only accept an escort only for that reason, i. As for damascus rest of your tour, only a driver with his car along with local guides on spots syria enough.

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I am female and travelled solo in Syria in April and have rarely felt so welcomed and happy in my solo travels. Do sort out your visas before you go and dress modestly to show respect.

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I wore loose linen trousers damascus ankle length skirts and loose tops which covered my arms below my elbows and, usually, my bottom and, always, my chest. I draped a long scarf around my neck for colour and to be handy escort covering my head in mosques. I also wore sandals and painted toenails. The younger women in Damascus were often dressed in far tighter clothes than I would ever wear in Londonbut, as a it is not for me to push the boundaries.