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Femfightbound breast attacks

Ali makes her comeback debut femfightbound Ladyfist with her first of three custom videos.

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She was asked if her breasts were still as tough as they were when she suffered her breast torture in her earlier videos, she said she's tougher than ever. So we matched her up the gorgeous but vicious and nasty little Tigra. Talk about letting the wildcat out of the cage for revenge!!

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Breast Custom Video requested that the gals each take turns at slapping each other across the breasts and see who can tough it out the breast. Wearing normal bras under their clothing attacks, each woman started off taking shots at each other to see how much this is tease and denial ruined orgasm to hurt. As you can imagine, the harder to femfightbound your opponent the harder she's going to smack back.

Tigra is a tiny woman but she packs a lot of power behind her gorgeous petite frame.

FFB Catfights

She relishes the thought of bringing humiliating pain to the original Ladyfist Gal in this match attacks so she comes out big with a huge open hand that catches Ali by surprise at how much this could actually hurt! Imagine if it was bare skin! But a slap is as good as a clubbing attacks Tigra swings at Ali.

Femfightbound soon realizes that for every hit she puts out, she's breast breast have to suffer in return when attacks Ali's turn to take a shot. The only hope you have is femfightbound be able to endure more than your opponent.