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Foursome reel scottish dance ceilidh

Scottish Dance by SUSAN SELF

General scottish, Francesco Benozzo. To order the reel, see the following online catalog entry: Scottish elements applied to dances introduced from other countries.

Weapon dances, ritualistic dances, and foursome dances. Warriors performed weapon dances to demonstrate their agility.

RSCDS - The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

A battle dance called. Bruichcath in Gaelic involved two dancers, armed with dirk and targe, who went through. The old Skye dancing song. In the seventeenth century, a craft guild of skinners and glove-makers called the Perth.

Glovers dance a ritualistic hilt-and-point sword dance, associated with Scandinavia.

Foursome Reel

Similar to the Morris dancers, also found in Scotland, they. The men linked together in a circle holding the.

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They danced to ceilidh music of the. They often ended by locking the swords.

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Another hilt-and-point sword dance, practiced until the late nineteenth century and.