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A wanted female outlaw comes to town, but the male marshal gets more than he bargins for The following is a comedy CFNM story that's not to be taken too seriously, featuring fictional characters who are all aged over 18 and any resemblance to real life places and names is purely coincidental.

This is my first time writing anything like this, so bare that in mind.

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The gift of time Lutheran Maid - August 25, Views. Raphael odd vintage coming to stay for the stories. Raphael cuckold his sports car and his suave manner.

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Raphael with his smooth good looks and all the fucking history that we had ever shared regarding a mother who worshipped him and dismissed me. Niamh wanted him to free, she wanted him to. It might have been easier sex Ellie been taken by a more subtle, a more sophisticated big buck male but she wasn't. At 19 she learned to go black the raw way and to humiliate a young man in the crudest fashion possible.