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The old ways of watching movies and television DVDs, movie theaters, network TV are being challenged by the Internet and video streaming technology at the same time that long-form, episodic television series Downton AbbeyBoardwalk Empireetc.

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Following are the top resources for viewing movies, TV shows and more for free - anytime and anywhere. All you need is a computer, TV or mobile device with an Internet connection.

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Crackle Free partnership with Sony Pictures enables them to provide hundreds of free, full-length streaming movies, TV shows online original programming, uncut and unedited. You may have to sit through a few commercials, but they are short and infrequent. Yahoo View Featuring free content from Hulu which is now a subscription-only serviceYahoo View enables users to watch popular movies and TV shows; full seasons of select anime and Korean TV dramas; and the last five episodes of ABC, NBC, Fox and other network series, which are available eight days after the original broadcast, along with day-after clips.

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YouTube YouTube is no longer just a place to watch cute uncensored videos and movie trailers. Open Culture This site offers over 1, free uncensoredincluding links to free Oscar WinnersHitchcock free, and Chaplin films; it also provides a useful list of other online movie sites.


UbuWeb UbuWeb's film and video archive is the largest collection of avant-garde and outsider art works available to watch for free online. Though many links take users to pay sites, you can bdsm marriage vows through them to find a number of free shows with full episodes.

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Classic Cinema Online This site specializes in hundreds of old westerns, dramas, silents and movie serials that shows be searched by title or by shows. From Merlinthe learning community for Maryland library staff. Search the Guides Search: Ask a Question A reference librarian will answer it. Latest Blog Post From prattlibrary.