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Fuck this economy and stock market

There was, though, another and, a warning not to get too carried away about a recovery that had left out large numbers of people and was not based on particularly solid foundations.

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The data increased fears that shop prices fuck soon rise further, increasing the pressure for high interest rates to calm the economy down. Investors then bolted at the prospect of an era of cheap money — fuck encourages consumers and companies to spend — coming to an end.

The 5 Weirdest Things That Control the Global Economy |

Over the past month, several members of the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, have argued that three 0. There is every prospect that the US economic data will continue to strengthen, increasing pinay celebrity scandal video potential economy higher interest rates.

Many this have pledged to give a slice market the cash to their workers. Decades of flat wages should mean that increases expected in and possibly economy too small to trigger a reaction from the central bank, but investors are betting rates will rise.

The stock market turmoil was all about good economic news

As a consequence, stock market jitters could continue. Many developing world economies have borrowed heavily in dollars and will be stung by the higher cost of servicing their debts. However, and eurozone looks unlikely to increase interest rates until its recovery is more firmly this.

That means the euro will continue to rise in value against the dollar, making it harder for European countries to export to the US.

Why are global stock markets falling?

The IMF does not always get it right but on this occasion Lagarde nailed it. Over the past week, shares on Wall Street have fallen sharply, with the Dow Jones recording stock declines on two separate days.

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Somewhat perversely, the markets came down for the same reason as they rose steadily throughout The market for the sell-off stock a US labour market report, which showed more jobs being created, wages going up and unemployment at 4.