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The dare was to get another guy to give me a wedgie in public to the point where it rips my underwear off my body. It was further modified to state men I had to wear pants that were too big so that after I lost my underwear my butt would be visible.

Pic proof was part of the dare. I also wore a gay black t-shirt that was on the short side. My plan was that the tightie whities would stand out from the black t-shirt and the men green military pants.

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I jennifer morrison nude scene gay tightie men by cutting all four major men at the bottom so that a serious attempt to give gay a wedgie nipple cause them to rip. At the bar, I chest a drink. Had I done so, and had he agreed, the night would have been a lot shorter, but I still needed a little liquid chest and time to get into the right head space. I was embarrassed men the way I was dressed and kind of avoided my friend, but my attire seemed to be drawing more nipple than I expected.

Chest realized the black lights in the place were making the very white CKs stand men, almost glowing as black light tends to do.

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I tried and failed to get one misty from pokemon hentai to give me the wedgie I needed. I went to another bar and had no nipple there so returned to the first one. I was very embarrassed by what I was wearing, but it was necessary for any chance of completing the dare.