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Get back mother fucker you dont know me like that

Talking a whole bunch of shit that I ain't trying to hear!


Get back motherfucker, you don't know me like that! Get back motherfucker You don't know me like that Yeek yeek woop woop!! I ain't playing around! Make one false move I'll take ya down Get back muhfucker!

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You don't know me like that! You don't know me like that!!

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S-s-so c'mon c'mon DON'T I keep it flipping like acrobats! That's why I pack a mac, that'll crack 'em back Cause on my waist there's more Heat than the Shaq Attack But I ain't speaking about ballin, ballin Just thinking about brawlin till y'all start bawlin We all in together now, birds of a feather now Just bought a plane so we changing the weather now So put your brakes on, caps put your capes on Or knock off your block, get dropped and have your face flown Cause I'll prove it!

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Like hey little stupid! No trips to the county, I ain't for that walk!