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Girl in lingerie pin up

Lace-trimmed basques, wanton suspender belts and massive silky bras pin from my drawers.

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Give me a girl big pair of high-waisted knickers lingerie a teeny tiny thong any day of the week. Harlow and Grace sets by What Katie Did.

The Glam Gallery

As well as stunning sets like the ones pictured, Girl love their high-waisted knickersOld Hollywood style loungewear and swimwear and gobsmackingly gorgeous bedroom mules. Retrolution corset and Desire set from Gossard. This is one of my personal favourites for vintage pin lingerie.

Their bra and suspender sets are sublime — glamorous, retro and incredibly flattering to a womanly figure.

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Their Retrolution range features heavily in my undie drawers. The waist-cinching lingerie are great for subtly enhancing your figure under a wiggle dress and the corset shown above on the left makes you feel free nude celeb a z a goddess.

21 Irresistible Websites For Vintage Style Lingerie

For everyday wear I love their Superboost bras with matching high-waisted shorts. Designs go up to a G-cup because they are awesome. I bloody love Ann Summers lingerie. I also love their affordable price points and inclusive size range — they now go up to a 42H, fantastic news for all you buxom bombshells!