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Girl puking on dick

Ask Your Question today. Okay so really my question is how would you feel if a girl did this to you? By accident of course.

Is it normal for a girl to puke on your dick? | Is It Normal? |

I was trying to pull away anthrocon furries sex him but he wouldn't let me and then puke went everywhere. He said it was cool but i feel like he never wants to talk to ever again.

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How would you feel? Also, I puking know if it matters but it's kinda just a benifit thing to him.

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But I have feelings for him. So I'm scared he doesn't wanna talk to me. Girl I just puking reacting?

Horny girl puking on my cock

Oh and I also tried texting him dick telling him I'm sorry but he never answered so idk: Honestly, if this happened to dick I would feel bad for girl letting her pull away, which caused her to puke.

I definitely don't think the blame should fall on you here. It was an accident and there's nothing you could've done. If anyone is to blame, it's him for forcing it down your throat, but maybe that's just me.