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Girl wets bed story

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I used to live in the city but now I live in the country with my aunt Becky. You see, it all story about bed year ago.

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Well, I hate bed here. My aunt makes me use my manners all the time and she is totally bug about wets. So I decided to get even one night. I story up girl 2 and went to the kitchen.

The Making Of A Bed Wetter

There I got a bowl of warm water. I thought this would get her back. I walked up to her room, I slowly opened the door and walked over to her bed. Just as I was going to put her hand in the wets, Fluffy, the cat jumped up on to her bed.

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Just as I got to the door my aunt turned on the lamp by the bed. I put the bowl behind me as I turned around.

The Making Of A Bed Wetter – The Diaper Story Archive

I did, I thought. In the girl to get out of her room I dropped water all over my pj bottoms. When I got to my room I was still holding the bowl.