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Glen l squirt boat for sale

I had not operated a powerboat in many years, and way back then boat was an aluminum fishing boat and 9.

Squirt - Small Boats Monthly

Two 3-gallon gas tanks sit in the compartment under the hatch that Art designed and installed. I came back home from that weekend with the plans for the boats they had built, and decided I would build a small boat to utilize that 9.

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I talked with my co-worker Ted Gauthier about my plan, and he was on board too for building a boat too. His research took us to the Glen-L website and the wealth of plans they have available.

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I wanted a smaller boat that I could build in for basement and get out without glen the living room floor. I loved the look of the design with the pronounced tumblehome at the transom giving the sheerline a beautiful curve.

"the glen" in Boats & Watercraft in Canada

The boat had a seat, steering wheel, and good lines, and Glen-L has a good builder-support system, so it was the choice for me. In his early trials, Art discovered the he was losing power to prop ventilation. He trimmed some height from the center black sex japanese tube the transom to put squirt prop lower in the water sale that solved the problem.

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