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I dabbled in fan fiction between books, but while my sister could go all in lesbian, say, Harry and Draco, I could only ever make myself read or write strictly canonical pairings inside J.

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I had actually never even read a non-canon Harry Potter story until six days ago! It just makes so much sense! She made a habit of sitting out on a promontory near the cottage, feeling the sea air potter through her hair. Sometimes Luna came out and sat with her.

Bad Behavior

She never started conversation, but sometimes she sang, Cornish songs she said her mother had taught her when she was little. They sat in silence for a while. The sun was beginning to set, lowering fanfiction the ocean; the waves broke salty against the promontory.

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Hermione falls for Luna during Half-Blood Prince. She stood, stretched her arms out behind her, and walked over to Luna. None of the others followed. Luna turned her head slowly, fixed her eyes on Hermione, vanessa williams nude penthouse pics looked at her for a long moment in silence.