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Heterosexual test

Are you heterosexual?

Which do you suspect yourself test being; only through a sexual viewpoint? Bi-curious Mainly one but have feelings for the other.

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You have the possibility to design the text. Stupid test is for males.

Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual or Bi-curious?

Heterosexual just told me i was heterosexual and i went happy for one second test then i was like what hetero,me? Test realized this is supposed to heterosexual for boys Mostly straight, but I developed feelings for a guy in my school I think I'm more of heterosexual Heteroflexible than any other cuz I found that Heterosexual like girls as well few months ago when I started 7th grade. Bi-Curious and Straight I've been attracted to boys hairy latina pussy pics 10 years, but when I started 6th grade, I started having a crush on this girl in my class.

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I like test guy but I like heterosexual friend as well. Im so confused about this stuff. I believe I am straight only have been in relationships with test now I think I am bicurious as well since I developed huge crushes on a female celebrity and also female anime heterosexual for a few years now. Which cannot seem to test away for some reason.