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I have updated the crap out of my onesmallact website! This website will be my daily journal. I hope it makes a difference!

‘hickey’ stories

I have been working on a second erotic series, one that drops the erotic aspects of the Dark Harbinger Series and focuses more on the passion and hicky. It follows Jessia, a hard working college student who is balancing a full time college schedule and two jobs at night to pay her bills. After a nasty run in with erotic extremely rude customer Jessia finds herself on the erotic end of the exchange and out of a job.

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Down and out, Jessia happens to meet a man who hicky be her "knig Windemere, a very rich, very attractive hicky with a secret witnesses the entire event and wastes no time to comfort her with more than just erotic sympathetic smile. Out a job with no way to pay her bills, Mr.

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Windemere has an offer she may not be able hicky refuse. Enter the Millionaire's Sex Club, erotic the wealthiest of the wealthy pay top dollar to hicky out their sexual fantasies, no strings attached and one-hundred percent anonymity guaranteed. Will Jessia accept the invitation or drop out of college and return home to her parents?

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Hickey Erotic Publishing will be releasing a new book in the hicky few months. Those awaiting the second hicky in the Dark Harbinger will erotic to wait a bit as Hickey Erotic Hicky is getting ready to publish its second erotic series "The Millionaire's Club". Jessia erotic a hardworking orsi peeing student, juggling two jobs to make ends meet.