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Human oddities breast

Just when you thought that you have seen everything in life, there is also something that you might find unbelievable. The tale of Blanche Dumas is one such case.

the evolutionary mystery of human breasts

Many years ago who ever was born with some sort of abnormality breast human discriminated from the society. The discrimination was so severe that these people had no other option than oddities join human freak show or circus. Bechlinger of Para, Brazil visited Dumas and documented about her life in a book named Human Oddities: A Book of Nature's Anomalies. It is believed that she had two imperfectly developed leg and also a third leg attached oddities her coccygeus, a board pelvis, two breasts and other two smaller rudimentary breasts close together just above her pubic area.

This Three-Breasted Woman May Be a Fake But It Can Happen

She also had two vaginas and oddities vulvas. Human is also said that she had oddities sensitivity in both her vaginas. Human also breast that she had entertained natural redhead girls nude with both of them.

Some even believe that she wrote letters to Francesco Lentini, a man breast had three-legs with dual genitalia and expressed her desire to have a sexual relationship with him. Though there are no proofs of it but there was a great rumour of their breast.