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Hung guy caught peeing at party

I was a former male stripper. Bachelorette parties are, by far, way worse than bachelor parties. In a non-bachelorette party friendly bar, and one shows up.

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Totally stereotypical party too. Sashes and tiaras, lots of shrieking, etc. Guy were doing one of those scavenger hunts where they have to get a guy to go to the bathroom and take peeing their boxers. They say yes, and the dude sets his beer down, drops his pants right there at the bar, takes off his boxers, hands them to the girls in hung party, who are losing their minds, puts his pants back on caught returns to his conversation.

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I did a house call in Highlands Ranch, a wealthy suburb just outside of Denver. This young woman probably 24 or 25 was marrying a very wealthy older man and he gave her and her girlfriends the house for the weekend.

I got offered a drink and accepted it because I normally enjoy myself and then have a cab pick me up and take me to a hotel when I do shows in Denver.

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The women were very receptive so Party figured this was a good time for lap dances.