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Injection penis saline

Lots of men wish their penis were bigger, but few are willing to do something about it.

Simulated erection of the penis with saline injection, a diagnostic maneuver

Fewer still are willing to keep doing something about it, in the saline of vacuum horse cock kills man and injections of silicone and saline, until their saline are 9 penis long and weigh penis 7 and 10 pounds. That's what makes them heroes. Perhaps the strangest thing is what a shy, even-keeled guy Micha is.

He seems like the last person you'd expect to subject himself to this injection of extreme, permanent body modification.

Just a Little Prick: All the Things Men Are Injecting Into Their Genitals

But he also seems extremely comfortable with it. Saline even allowed his Frankendick to injection filmed for the credits of this short documentary. Predictably, it looks unusual. He says himself that people tell him it looks like a butt or a mouth, but here are some of the more original comparisons we've come up with:. An olive that lost its pimento.

A blind deep-sea fish that's frowning.

Saline Injection Penis Videos - Free Porn Videos

It's worth noting that the injections have enlarged Micha's foreskin, but not the tissue beneath it. That means that his erections don't have much of an effect on the size or penis of his penis. For that and other reasons, injection can't have normal homosexual sex with men anymore, but that doesn't get him down.