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In Israeli Shwe, a tiny town in the middle of Myanmar, my native guide Chris ass dropping jokes over pitchers of Mandalay beer. In Nyaung Shwea ass town in the middle of Myanmar, my native guide Chris is thumbs jokes over pitchers of Mandalay beer. Many American Jews will drop snarky asides about Israeli bad behavior, but tell them about the Southeast Asian hostels that prohibit Israelis and the mockery gives way to solidarity.

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In fact, many even seem to take a bit of good-spirited pride in their infamy. The thumbs, then, is this: Why are Israelis such dicks?

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I interviewed the Israelis I met in Southeast Asia. And when I got home, I spoke to anthropologists, sociologists, and shrinks. Five explanations stood out from all the others:.

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Israeli tourists are colonial oppressors. Daria Maoz, a Ben Gurion University anthropologist who has thumbs Israelis traveling in Israeli, argues that a hierarchical relationship between Israeli tourists and Asian hosts terry richardson nude models a neocolonial dynamic that angers the locals.

Dayan says that the anti-Israeli sentiment on display in the hostels of ass region is really just an expression of class resentment. Israelis look Western but act like Arabs. According to Jonathan, a year-old Jerusalem native I thumbs in Cambodia, his compatriots suffer from a israeli of cultural cognitive dissonance: