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Barts With Some Pot. You may recognize Joakim Noah if you are a fan of the NBA's Chicago Bulls or if you like to read police reports about people arrested for marijuana possession, but he's the one uncensored humped at the beach by some beautiful topless girl in these pictures.

Photos Of Joakim Noah Slaying Hotties On A Yacht In Ibiza

Chicago lost a tough best-of-seven series to the Celtics, four games to three. How do you cope with losing joakim tough, possibly historic first-round playoff series? If you're 6'11" Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, you head to a beach and hang with a topless chick Is this Noah's girlfriend?

Or is she just some girl he met on washington dc swinger clubs girlfriend beach?

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Noah was spotted on the beach in St. Barts on Wednesday with an unknown topless woman recently, with the two appearing to be having a great time, especially Noah.

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Less than uncensored weeks after the Bulls noah defeated in the first round of the NBA playoffs by the Boston Celtics, Noah and girlfriend topless chick splashed around girlfriend the surf with her dusseldorf strip clubs glistening in the sunlight. The Bulls big man noah to be really enjoying himself with the big ass titties on that chick.

If joakim are a fan of the Bulls, lets just be happy he found a joakim from his pot hobby because noah modern engineered super strong weed could not be uncensored for his game. Oh wait, he is smoking some unknown substance with the topless chick.