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Larvae in breast

Physicists finally explain why your earphones are always tangled.

FACT CHECK: Breast Rash

How to grow baby chicks using plastic wrap instead of an eggshell. By Seriously Science June 14, 6: We here at Seriously, Science?

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But the plot twists when a biopsy revealed that it was not just a tumor… it was pork tapeworm larvae! The authors point out that this an excellent example of why diagnoses should larvae be followed up by confirmation by a pathologist. Because every bedtime story should have a moral.

Seriously, Science?

Human cysticercosis of the breast mimicking breast cancer: Human cystericosis is the infection caused by the larvae of pork tapeworm Taeniasolium. The infection commonly breast larvae muscle, the central nervous system and subcutaneous tissues. The involvement breast the breast is larvae. To present a 54 years old postmenopausal woman, a petty trader breast a Jehovah witness who presented with a painless lump in the right breast which was increasing in size.