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Letting your dog fuck you

Let's say you head over you a friend's house allure amateur grace your buddy Dale.

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You don't have a buddy named Dale? Well, cram it, buddy.

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For the purposes of this article, you have a letting named Dale. He's unreliable, never pays you back the money he owes you, and you really don't know why you're still friends with him.

He sucks, but whatever. Anyway, you fuck to a third buddy's house Martin, he's cool, but kind of a loser. He gives you free chicken from the KFC he works at, so you let his shittiness slide.

Is it normal to have sex with your pets?

Martin has a dog named Rocky the only creature you consider a true friend. You walk in through Martin's door, and Dog rushes up to your both you and Dale. Rocky barks happily, jumps excitedly, and tries to hump Dale's ass frantically.

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What's that feeling you're feeling as you watch Dale's ass get humped by Rocky? You thought Rocky loved you.