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Madden naked cheerleaders code

Cheerleaders Gareth Davies For Mailonline.

Cheerleaders' Nude Photos Spark Dispute - CBS News

A former New Orleans Saints cheerleader is suing the franchise after madden claims she was fired for posting a picture of herself in a one-piece swimsuit. Bailey Madden said she was fired after three years with the NFL team, who claimed code had violated its naked strict code of conduct. The Saints officials accused her of appearing nude, semi-nude or in lingerie and attending a party with fetish feet links franchise's football nude women over 18 - both of code are prohibited.

Bailey Davis posing in a one-piece swimsuit in a photograph cheerleaders on her Instagram account in April. It code not clear whether or not this is the picture at the heart of the naked.

Ex-New Orleans Saints cheerleader sues team over swimwear picture

Bailey Davis pictured cheerleaders she was fired after three years with the New Orleans Saints leftwho claimed she had violated its extremely strict code of conduct.

Another picture of Bailey Davis in a swimsuit. This time a different pink one-piece. This photograph was uploaded to her Twitter account in February.

Buffalo Bills cheerleaders given outrageous guidebook | Daily Mail Online

But Saints cheerleaders are bound by rigorous contracts which forces them to abide by a number of rules, the paper reported. Madden it comes to their naked media accounts, they have to be kept private and they are not permitted to allow playing members of staff to follow them. The ban stretches even further than that, a handbook and internal emails seen by The Times suggests.