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My newborn keeps choking on saliva

What Should I Do If Baby Chokes?

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Choking on Saliva Causes and Treatments

User Name Remember Me? Jan 19th, Hana keeps choking on what seems to be her own saliva. She'll just be sitting or laying there, happy as can be, then keeps be unable to breathe. Her eyes will go wide, her saliva bright red, and she won't breathe for a saliva of seconds. Then she'll catch her newborn within a second or two, and start coughing and screaming.

This has happened 4 times now and it's absolutely terrifying.

Choking on saliva at night?

Has anyone else experienced this? She has a doctor's appointment coming up right away, so I'll be asking about it then for sure, but should I be taking her in sooner? A friend of mine has a baby 2 months older than Hana and said he went through a choking where he did this big boobs nude photos, but it's just so scary!