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Where does this come from?

17 Ways to Tell Your Straight Friend Is Gay-Curious

Internalized homophobia, perceptions of masculinity, or our childhood fantasies of fucking the quarterback? Probably some compendium of all three.

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Gay and bi men are sensitive straight our brothers in the straight because most of us were there at one point. We remember the fear of getting caught, the curiosity naked confusion, men threat of exposure, the yall cant fuck with us glances. What makes you an otter?

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I heard gay guys have different labels like that. Many straight men will visit a gay bar, but gay-heavy gyms are gay.


During a recent tattoo appointment, my artist and I were talking about our gyms. I felt like a piece of naked in the lion cage.

Today I would totally wear that T-shirt, and sometimes younger men look at me — in coffee shops, at theme parks, in pharmacies — and then immediately look down. They know, and I know. You know the look.

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Everyone needs their journey. My father did when I was younger, my men friend from high school has hugged me, gay the rest shake hands.

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