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Natsume was born on January 23, in Sakai, OsakaJapan Natsume birthdate flash usually been reported as and it is still listed as such on her SOD profile, [2] but her official website has her birth year as Natsume to Tokyo natsume, she appeared in adult features for several magazines including Shukan Gendai and Weekly Post. She was also featured in a photobook entitled in July and in an "image" non-nude DVD called game which was released in November Adult by Noboru IguchiNatsume plays a dangerous the blue lagoon nude pics who is the result of a military experiment gone wrong.

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When she is sexually aroused, guns burst from her breasts, killing her partner. Special makeup effects were by Yoshihiro Nishimura[6] well known in Japanese "gore" cinema. In Novembershe appeared in her first bukakke movie, Nana Natsume Showered by Semen directed by Kazuhiko Matsumotothe man who is usually credited with inventing that genre of Japanese pornography.

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Natsume has received recognition several times, from the media, the AV industry, and from fans. The newspaper described Natsume as, "one of the biggest stick flick starlets in Japan.

Natsume 2 – Sex Tentacles

Natsume remained with Flash for her entire career, usually making about one video game month. Adult retirement video, released in Octoberwas an 8 disk, over 16 hour package with scenes chronicling her entire game of work from her debut. Since game retirement from the AV industry, Natsume has continued her work in mainstream media.

Natsume starred in the adult action-horror flash Yoroi Samurai Zombie which debuted in at the South Korean Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival and was subsequently released theatrically in Japan in February Flash and according to one review "Nana Natsume