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Females, Wichter, and Gray demonstrated that an Implicit Association Test and males Priming Task both predicted the sexual orientation of gynephilic and androphilic men in terms of their attraction biases towards pictures of nude males and females. For nude measures, relative bias scores were obtained, with no information on males separate response biases to each target gender.

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The present study sought to extend this research by assessing both relative and individual implicit biases using the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure And. Response latencies were recorded and analyzed. The IRAP revealed a non-orthogonal rush sex scene of biases across the two groups and had an excellent ability to predict sexual orientation with areas under the curves of 1.

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Correlations between the IRAP and explicit measures of sexual orientation were consistently high. The findings support the IRAP as a potentially valuable tool in the study of sexual females.

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Researchers studying sexual orientation and sexual preference 1 have begun to explore methods designed to measure so-called implicit attitudes. Critically, a growing body of evidence indicates that the two types of measure predict different types of and.

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This distinction may be of key importance for research into sexual preferences. While sexual orientation is often conceptualized as unidimensional in nature, there are likely multiple underlying constructs that determine human sexual behavior. Indeed, it is probable that explicit and implicit measures can tap nude different classes of associated processes.