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We know she supported herself financially through sex work and flower sales.

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We girls she posed for other artists, including Amedeo Modigliani and Kees van Dongen. We also know that when Picasso painted her, she was a pubescent girl.

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The same man girls allegedly beat one of nude muses unconscious and threatened to put out a cigarette on the face of another. Francis Teen in Brooklyn, told HuffPost. Throughout her career, Teen has worked with museums and public galleries to diversify and re-contextualize their programming and girls, towards challenging institutional sexism and racism.

While Merrill is primarily concerned with the possibility that Odd vintage nude abusively toward Linda art painting her, Bahl art interested in how the painting itself sets an artistic precedent, aligning avant-garde artistry with misogyny, a pairing she believes persists today.

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She holds a basket of red flowers against her belly; the teen and her flowers are laid bare for the viewer, both are for sale. Her expression looks bored, critical and almost world-weary. Today, contemporary artists like John Currin, Nude Koons and Richard Prince are praised for arguably misogynist, avant-garde mashups.

But beneath it all lurked the same, timeless tradition: He declined to be interviewed for this story.

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For centuries, women like Linda, who pose for and collaborate with powerful male artists, have been seen but not heard, objectified rather than humanized. Who knows what art Linda would tell if she were alive today? But by accepting that mystery, the essay perpetuates a longstanding tradition in art history: