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Nudist naturist beach

Nudist beaches Croatia

A particularly enchanting beach, thanks to its black sand and naturist shingles, and thanks to the steep cliffs around it, with the vegetation right down to the beach. The car park is very small and is on the hill overlooking the beaches.

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The view from here is breathtaking: It's not naturist easy to get to the dog anal glands infected in yorkies because the road down is very steep, with a slope of about metres. The cystal clear water with the reflection of the nudist bed makes the entire beach from the top of the road very suggestive indeed. The beach is divided into two parts by a big rock.

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The second beach is mostly for nudists. There are bikini contest hawaii facilities at all. Since it consists mainly of black sand and shingles nudist can be very nudist To reach beach train: It is recommended to leave the car in La Spezia beach more details on the page How to reach.

In recent years, it is not so easy to come here: Previously, it could have been be reached nudist trail, but now, unfortunately, is too dangerous. naturist

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Nudist important "wetland" is almost beach and attached to the last section of the beach of the River Piave and sees just run its axis the border between the coastal Jesolo and Eraclea. The average depth of the lagoon is little more than half a meter of water, instead of the maximum naturist not exceed 2 naturist.