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Page 3 sexy girls

Sexy celebs and Page 3 girls

Page 3 is a former feature in the British tabloid newspaper The Sun of a large photograph of a bare-breasted female glamour model which was usually printed on the third page of the page edition.

Such a photograph first appeared in the newspaper on 17 November and on the official Page 3 website in June However, the feature has been imitated in Britain's other "red top" tabloids and by newspapers internationally.

The sexy "page three girl" has become a generic term for models known for topless or semi-naked photoshoots.

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Page 3 was popular with Sun readers, but also attracted controversy throughout its run. Critics argued that Page 3 was misogynistic and objectifies and demeans women, while others believe that it was inappropriate for a generally circulated national girls.

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Campaigners girls for legislation to ban Page 3 or sexy to convince newspaper editors to voluntarily drop the feature or modify it so that models no longer appear topless. The No More Page 3 campaign was launched in After several days of non-appearance, an article appeared in stablemate The Times on 19 January indicating that the UK editions were dropping the feature too.

Top 10: Page 3 Girls

When Rupert Murdoch relaunched the page Sun newspaper nude pictures of debbie gibson tabloid format on 17 Novemberhe began publishing photographs of clothed glamour models on its third page. The first edition featured that month's Penthouse PetUlla Lindstrom, wearing a suggestively unbuttoned shirt.

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Page 3 photographs over the following year were often provocative, but did not feature nudity.