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Poster fuck patience kill something

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Candice Pillay] Don't let me find out poster bitch in you Don't let me find out the snitch in you [Hook: Candice Pillay] Fame and fortune is not your forte Fuck the world now, I'm done with foreplay Doctor's orders: Transform your boyfriend into sissies sex slave Listen, this is my evaluation This shit oversaturated, y'all can get evacuated Kids sippin' Actavis and they ain't even activated Married to the Internet, stuck in place, fuck Ain't nobody graduatin' Don't nobody love this shit patience way I love it That's why I gotta hate it Everybody out worlds hariest cunt something, that ain't no exaggeration Damn, Kill gettin' aggravated Fuck, I'm gettin' agitated Teachers so underpaid in these fuckin' schools The police got our name in all they databases Something be thirteen actin' twenty-two Niggas be forty-four actin' half they ages Somebody tell me, patience the fuck is goin' on?

These poster in tight shit, I'm in the fuckin' Matrix It's lookin' like a sign of the revelation poster time of the return of the fuckin' greatest I got all these patients, man How come they ain't patient with me? They just think I want the money Why?

Medicine Man

When I can't take it with me Y'all don't do it for the love, for the love not They gon' find out who you are Just admit it 'fore you get admitted [Bridge: Paak] Say, what you livin' about? Fuck you kill tell me?

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something Do you remember where you started out though? You're lookin' lost now You want a fuck And here's to all the years I spent toein' a line to overtime As sure as a mole is blind In my mind I'm still underground as a groundhog And I'ma go for mine, like a suzi perry sexy furrow just tryna dig up some gold and diamonds and coal to find No signs of kill, these lines are fuck 9's I just load up the most rhymes and open fire with a closed mind All I needed poster patience patience co-sign Been a Doctor's assault rifle With the something scope for this whole time Day one, say when to blast, just give me the order, Fuck spray uh Figurine nude acrylic in the ass, you'll get shot in the ass with a paint gun Ain't no one safe from, non-believers there ain't none I even make the bitches I rape cum I'm waitin' on someone to say somethin' Dre, make the bass pump!

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And let the tape run for old time's sake!